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Olga Melihov

ICF Certified Professional Coach

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About Me

I am the Founder & Managing Partner of IB Consulting, a management consulting company founded in 2007, with expertise in areas such as strategy, organizational development, transformation, performance management, business development, with projects delivered in Romania, Poland and Russia.

Being a manager with more than 20 years of work activity in Central and Eastern Europe region, I have an extensive experience gained while working in areas like construction, retail development or commercial real estate consultancy. My recent employment experience was with an infrastructure group of companies, covering the strategy development & commercial aspects at the holding level.

As Country Head of BNP Paribas Real Estate Romania, I have contributed to create a strong branch on the Romanian market, well connected and integrated within the CEE teams’ network. Before that, I worked in construction sector in Russia, also in retail real estate development in Poland & CEE region. I am a graduate of the Bucharest University, holding an MA in General Management at Bucharest University of Economic Studies and an MBA from Tiffin University, USA.

My interest to coaching started with the needs I have experienced as a team leader, willing to identify solutions in critical situations, help my team to improve and evolve personally and professionally, generate performance and business growth. In the last years, I studied coaching and followed specific programs in this respect.  I then became Strategic Intervention Coach certified by Robbins Madanes Training, USA, also an ACSTH Coach (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours for ICF certification) and an ANC Coach (National Qualifications Authority Romania). Continuing my dedication to coaching, I received the certification of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and became ACC (Associate Certified Coach). Being an ICF ACC Professional Coach demonstrates knowledge and proficient use of core coaching skills and it is a recognition of my commitment to high standards for the coaching profession and the clients it serves. International Coaching Federation is the only globally recognized professional coaching organization.

I speak native Romanian, fluent English, Russian and French. I enjoy travelling, reading and looking at life with gratitude. I believe that the world needs people who want to contribute, make a difference, help others see progress in their lives and reach their full potential. And my plan is to do that through Coaching and Mentoring.

I have the energy, the passion, the enthusiasm and the drive to make people… thrive. Hope we will be doing this together!



Executive & Business Coaching

Teaming up with organizations in driving cultural change to better retain, inspire and develop their people. From business essentials (vision, mission, strategy, values, identity, objectives), to productive communication, from authentic leadership abilities of team leaders to strategic planning, efficiency, conflict solving, aiming performance, business growth and excellence in serving clients.

Life Coaching

Accompanying individuals to overcome personal challenges, to develop their strengths, confidence, power and vision, to increase their happiness and effectiveness in both their personal and professional lives, allowing them to become centered, confident, and empowered.


Using my 20 years professional background in the benefit of companies and individuals, sharing experience, knowledge, best practices, inspirational stories & examples to support achieving personal or professional objectives.

Business Consulting

Working with teams and executives on specific projects – new markets penetration, defining strategic steps for business development and growth, leadership team alignment, performance management - outline priorities, define objectives, KPIs, organizational development and advisory on real estate market in CEE countries.

Trainings & Workshops

Helping organizations to address topics of major importance for their employees like mental health - live a balanced life, gain confidence, manage stress, anxiety, burnout, loneliness, meet personal objectives and see progress in their lives - but also topics in the area of productivity, efficiency, performance management, diversity & inclusion and others.


“Throughout this project, we have both dedicated not only some hours a month, but some pieces of our own selves, pieces which we took back at the end of the mentoring program, completely alchemical and touched by the multitude of ingredients we both poured: trust, patience, empathy, support, dedication and last but not least and perhaps most importantly, the joy of giving and receiving. Does it sound like poetry? It’s because it was, only that the musicality was created by us! Try it, the journey is worth it! There’s only one rule: do not limit yourself to the destination, let yourselves be surprised! 😊 Thank you, my dear Olga, and I am happy you decided to continue giving these kinds of journeys to others! May it be all done with ease and joy!”

Oana O. - Mentee of Olga in PWN Romania Mentoring Program

“Olga managed to show that she was the best person I could trust and with whom I could work on my objectives, while making use of many personal resources. Her methods and techniques, together with her warm personality were always above my expectations. Olga always demonstrated in-depth knowledge of all the coaching and mentoring techniques she used, we always had efficient communication, and all the methods and plans we developed together during the sessions proved to be applicable later on. She is an exceptional coach and I am sure that anyone who will work with her will have extraordinary benefits and amazing success. The degree of professionalism she expressed during this program managed to shape me into a more assertive person and radically changed my perception on coaching, and last but not least, on myself. Thank you, you are a true model woman for me!”

Dorina T. – Coaching client of Olga

“Olga and I were matched in an online mentoring program by accident, and it showed to be a very fortunate incident. I loved Olga's presence since the first moment we met online. Her enthusiasm was so real! I could feel from the first moment how much she cared to be of help, and this enthusiasm stayed throughout the mentoring year in 2021. I found the experience of mentoring with Olga to be very positive. She offered a safe space where I could share freely without feeling judged, but still feel heard. Olga helped me by asking good questions, sharing tools and tips that I could use to handle tough moments on my own, and share openly about herself whenever I asked. I also learned a lot from Olga through the person she is and the example she sets as a leader, mentor, mother and woman, and how she carries those roles with vulnerability, responsibility and joy. I am grateful that things worked out in such a way that I got to be mentored by Olga. Wishing all the luck and joy to whoever gets to be her next mentee”

Medina K. - Mentee of Olga in PWN Norway Mentoring Program

“For me, this experience was revelatory, as I discovered a new perspective. There are some aspects that I haven’t even thought about until meeting her, key questions that I never asked myself, whose answers made me understand and realize that there are some things I missed or that I thought were completely in order, just to realize later they weren’t as I thought them to be. Since our first meeting, I understood I never thought about certain points in such a way before and I very much needed to realize this in order to be able to find solutions. Thank you so much, Olga!”

Diana C. - Coaching client of Olga

“My experience was wonderful from the beginning until the end of the period in which I worked with Olga. She helped me find and see my own qualities and to cultivate my self-confidence. Even more importantly, there was no moment when I haven’t felt compassion, understanding and beautiful words. Thank you for all the help and encouragement given!”

Diana G. – Coaching client of Olga

"Before entering the coaching process, I postponed important things, I did not have clarity in objectives, in setting and understanding priorities. In the coaching process, together with Olga, I had a special experience that allowed both certain discoveries and clarity and consistency in terms of actions designed to help me achieve my goals. I gained focus, longer-term vision and last but not least the discipline to follow my plans and dreams."

Andrei U. - Coaching client of Olga


Coaching is a partnership with the client in a process considered challenging and creative, which inspires people to maximize personal and professional potential.

The purpose of coaching is to fulfill each of us, as individuals, on multiple levels (professional, personal, financial, emotional, spiritual) by defining concrete goals and finding the best ways to achieve them. The responsibility for obtaining the results lies with the Client. The coach’s responsibility is about the process.

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Published on 06.04.2022

Before anything else I want to thank the ones, who answered my calls in the last months, who asked how I am, who answered my emails, who cared. But I also thank the ones who did not…

Published on 08.04.2022

Why coaching?

Because every person needs someone who can listen without any judgment or bias, who asks the right questions, guides in setting goals…


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