“It’s coaching time”

Why coaching?

Because every person needs someone who can listen without any judgment or bias, who asks the right questions, guides in setting goals, stays by his/her side throughout the process and helps to see progress and achieve personal objectives.

Why me?

Because I am a Certified Coach, one who has been using the last years as a source of inspiration and guidance to grow and develop coaching practices. I have 20 years of business experience, coaching and mentoring being my way of contributing to the lives of people around me, by combining my knowledge with dedication, intuition and passion

Why now?

Because the past is gone, the future is not here yet. Or… because yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, while today is a gift – that’s why they call it present. It is what you can do NOW that matters the most. Live in the present and make it beautiful!

What is it about: business or personal challenge?

You decide what we will talk about. Coaching is used in both areas of your life – personal and professional.

Schedule a free ONE-to-ONE session with me

  • Book a first session here https://bit.ly/2ZZmF8r or at melihov@ib-consulting.ro
  • We will have a free one-to-one virtual meeting to determine your needs and see how I can help
  • In case you want to start a coaching program, we will create a plan based upon your needs, budget and timeline
  • We will work together to implement the plan.