“What have I done when I kept (so) silent…?” sau “Ce-am făcut cât am tăcut ?”

I studied Coaching and became a Certified Professional Coach

Before anything else I want to thank the ones who answered my calls in the last months, who asked how I am, who replied to my emails, who cared. But I also wish to thank the ones who did not… it is thanks to you all that I kept moving forward, thinking beyond, not giving up on my dreams and not losing myself on the way. Instead, I gained myself.

I will not share here all the things that have happened to me during the last months – for these ones we can share a coffee in the upcoming days 🙂

This message is about Coaching. And about me as Certified Professional Coach. 

It all started in 2019 while I was still working with my amazing colleagues in BNP Paribas Real Estate. I felt a strong desire to learn more, to do more, to help and to contribute. The idea of enrolling in the coaching program of Tony Robbins was actively present in my head for months already, not giving me peace, triggering my need for growth and contribution. I wanted to learn more, as much as I wanted to do more. I hesitated a lot to start practicing coaching because autumn 2019 brought new challenges for me and it seemed like too much to handle (a new job, the enrolment in an MBA program, my participation in several mentoring partnerships). With all these in my mind and a real interest in learning about coaching, after many doubts and hesitations, one day I heard the song “Read all about it” by Emeli Sande while driving to work. And the words seemed to hit me:

“You’ve got the words to change a nation / But you’re biting your tongue
You’ve spent a lifetime stuck in silence / Afraid you’ll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it how are we gonna learn your song? So come on, come on…”

You’ve got a heart as loud as lions / So why let your voice be tamed?
Maybe we’re a little different / There’s no need to be ashamed
You’ve got the light to fight the shadows / So stop hiding it away /Come on, come on…”

While tears were already running down my cheeks… I knew what I have to do it. That day, 19th of September 2019, I bought the coaching program 100 Core Training of Robbins Madanes Training (USA) and my amazing adventure began. It was revolutionary and impacting, to say the least.

During 2020 – an incredibly difficult year for so many people – I focused on studying coaching – while also following my MBA, but that’s another story :-). I directed my energy and passion toward learning, improving, evolving. Most of all, however, I am grateful for being able to have kept mentally strong and balanced during those times. In January 2021 I graduated from my first coaching program and received the Life Coaching Certificate from Robbins Madanes Training (USA).

The story goes on with another September to remember… September 2021, when I decided to become a freelancer, to expand my consultancy business and my coaching practice. I then enrolled in my second coaching program “Coach for Champions” of Coaching Partners (Romania). Here the job became more serious – hundreds of coaching hours for 6 months – the training hours, client hours, peers’ hours, supervision hours, individual study hours, reading hours… what a journey! Graduating the program, I have obtained the ANC Coaching Certificate (of Romanian National Qualification Authority) and the ICF ACSTH Certificate (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), allowing subsequent certification from International Coaching Federation.

The next steps for me in the upcoming weeks are:

  • ICF ACC Certification – International Coaching Federation Credential, a recognition of completing rigorous education, practice requirements and commitment to excellence in coaching.
  • BCC Certification – Board Certified Coach, a credential mark of distinction of Center and Credentialing & Education in USA, as a sign of credibility and professionalism in coaching.

It was and definitely continues to be an amazing journey – as I had the opportunity to learn about coaching tools and practices allowing transformation in people’s lives, but most of all I learned and keep learning a lot about myself.

It is a new life stage for me as the last months have shifted my perspective on people, jobs, relationships, connections, ambitions, money, fulfillment, work, happiness, balance, leadership, and self-leadership.

It was not always easy, on the contrary, sometimes it was very hard. But this time of studying coaching and pursuing a vocational path would not have been possible during a 9 to 5 job. Hundreds of hours of coaching and self-coaching brought me here, to an inspirational period of my life. And it feels like a dream that came true now.

It is a journey that will never stop. As I am planning to maintain my ICF, BCC certifications, other hundreds of hours will be required and I am looking forward to continuing my learning.

Hope you will join me on this journey. If you think I could be of help as Coach to you, to your team, to your organization, I would be honored to contribute.

I feel determined, energized, inspired, grateful, confident, and I will be looking forward to new adventures, meeting exceptional people and working on inspirational projects.

Until next time, don’t give up on your dreams 🙂